Panel: Building an Environment to Enable the Interaction of Technologists and Policy Makers - ETAP Beijing 2016


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Moderator Oleg Logvinov explains the purpose of this panel, which is to create a platform for policy makers and technology developers to cross-pollinate their projects and ideas. In a space where building trust and practicing communication is key, the discussion kicks off lead by the panelists:  

  • Alain Durand, Principal Technologist, ICANN
  • Min Jiang, Associate Professor of Communication, UNC Charlotte; Affiliate Researcher at the Center for Global Communication Studies, University of Pennsylvania
  • James Seng, CEO of Beijing Xianyu Shuma Tech. Co. Ltd.
  • Professor Baoping Yan, Chief Engineer of CNIC and Director of Informatization Committee of Experts, Chinese Academy of Sciences



  • Published on
  • December 5, 2016



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