OJAP Podcast: John Volakis: “This is an incredible moment in technology and innovation”

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In the second episode of "OJAP Talks", John L. Volakis, past President of the IEEE AP-S, engages in a conversation with Asimina Kiourti, IEEE OJAP’s Senior Editor, around his career path and the incredible advances that the field of antennas and propagation is currently seeing. Learn about the key emerging technologies that enable the realization of evolutionary applications, from concurrent spectrum access and ultra-wideband technologies to unmanned aerial vehicles and CubeSats, and discover why small groups can make a transformational impact in antennas and electromagnetics. According to Dr. Volakis, “It’s a wonderful time to be an engineering student”.


John L. Volakis is the Dean at the College of Engineering and Computing at Florida International University, USA. Asimina Kiourti is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University, USA.


Read the latest article by Dr. Volakis’ group, published in IEEE OJAP, entitled “Performance of Partially Deployed Spaceborne Ultra-Wideband Miura-Ori Apertures”.


Discover all research articles by Dr. Volakis' group, published in IEEE OJAP:

Episode title: John Volakis: “This is an incredible moment in technology and innovation” 

Host: Asimina Kiourti, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University, USA
Guest: John L. Volakis, Dean at the College of Engineering and Computing, Florida International University, USA