Why You Need More Than Geek Speak to Level Up

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Speaker Bio

Jacquelyn Adams began her training career teaching high school math in Swahili in a rural Tanzanian village for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. Upon returning to the US, she combined her love of teaching with her B.S. in Computer Engineering to become a corporate engineering trainer. After spending a decade as a top-rated instructor, she founded her own learning consulting company. For her professional achievements, Jacquelyn has received local and national recognition including the “Top 40 Under 40”, “Outstanding Young Alumni”, and “Outstanding Woman in Business” awards. Jacquelyn writes a column for IEEE-USA called "Lessons on Leadership" in which she shares career development thought leadership and she also hosts an interview video series called "Career: Reset" in which she helps glean career insights from industry leaders.

We’re past the era when the person with the pocket protector reports to the person with the pocket square. Fortunately, now that person can be one and the same. But outside of technical acumen, what's required to reach this next level in your career? In this Livestream, Jacquelyn Adams, a freelance blogger for IEEE-USA and learning consultant, will offer insights to help you level up. This interactive session will cover:

  • Why I'm a fangirl of failing
  • Owning your personal brand
  • Leveraging storytelling
  • Find Your Obi-Wan

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