Everyday Leadership: "Maximizing One's Own Potential"

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One study by MIT Sloan found that individuals who focus on enhancing their potential in different focus areas like soft skills, leadership styles, etc yielded a 250% ROI in their output. Better problem-solving and decision making increased productivity, made complex tasks more efficient and improved the overall development of the person's professional journey. Stanford Research Institute International determined that 75% of the long-term success in any activity was based on a mastery of soft skills and by making the most of one's true potential, and only 25% of that job success comes from technical skills.


  • Discovering oneself - the blurred line between personal and professional line
  • The concept of everyday leadership and continual learning
  • Smart Productivity Hacks
  • How to eliminate clutter and unnecessary distractions

Speaker Bio: Aisha Nazia is an experienced and popular speaker and motivator who describes herself as an ambivert, multipotentialite, agnostic, altruistic, pro declutterer. She is a Mechanical Engineer by undergrad education, a Project & Sports Management Professional and a Facilitator. Her enthusiasm expands over a swathe of cross-functional activities and project management across technology, engineering, sports management, inclusion, sustainability & youth development. Beyond being able to motivate and supervise team members, manage performance & run efficient systems, she has always made sure that her contributions have been strategically formulated for growth.