Dream Jobs In Engineering

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A panel of individuals with exceptional careers in engineering discusses the most interesting aspects of their jobs, how they got involved in what they do, and what they are currently working on.

Brent Bushnel is an engineering entrepreneur responsible for Two-Bit Circus, a think tank that develops robotic technology as a tool both to entertain and educate. Their recent projects include Virsix, a series of interactive games and puzzles designed for use in public venues such as malls or movie theaters, and the STEAM Carnival, a carnival that features high-tech attractions involving laser and robotic technology designed to inspire young people to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Bushnel is the CEO and he began the think tank in an attempt to make engineering and science more artisanal and entertaining.

Eta Kappa Nu is the IEEE's student honor society formed to recognize outstanding students in science, mathematical, and engineering fields designated by the IEEE. Students, alumni, and even professors who have shown consistent excellence in their field are recognized by this society. The IEEE provides ample opportunity for involvement in the society through award programs, conferences, and volunteer opportunities for members. The 2013 Eta Kappa Nu conference, hosted by Arizona State University, offered discussions about several aspects of engineering careers and how to secure them and what the future of some fields of engineering holds. The panel discussion features three individuals with interesting and dynamic computer science careers. The individuals include Marcia Lee, who works at the Khan Academy, a non-profit website that provides free educational materials for anyone who wishes to access them (teachers, students, or other). The academy boasts over 4,000 micro-lectures and video tutorials on a variety of subjects from general mathematics to complicated sciences. Lee assists in the development of the website's accessibility to the general public. Li Chen works for Recon Instruments, a company that introduced the concept of Head-Up Display technology to the athletic world. Head-Up Display allows the athlete to see performance metrics such as speed, distance, and many others. Their most recent accomplishment is the Jet, which is a pair of glasses that contain a computer chip that measures aspects of athletic performance and updates them in real-time to the lenses of the glasses, making it so that athletes can be constantly aware of their performance and what they should be attempting to improve. Chen assisted in developing a Heads-Up Display prototype and continues to work to develop this kind of software.

A panel of individuals with exceptional careers in computer science discusses the most interesting aspects of their jobs, how they got involved in what they do, and what they are currently working on.