The Fantastic Five: 5 Soft Skills That Every Technical Professional Should Have - Student Activities Webcast

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Speaker: Susan Kathy Land, 2020 IEEE President Elect

Susan Kathy Land, IEEE President-Elect, will be delivering a webinar on the topic, The Fantastic Five "5 Soft Skills That Every Technical Professional Should Have." This webinar will give IEEE Students the benefit of our President-Elect's expertise developed from her successful experience as a professional engineer. Students will be able to use this knowledge to develop their own careers in their fields of choice.

Speaker’s Bio:

Susan K (Kathy) Land is a Program Manager for the Missile Defense Agency. Kathy is responsible for advancing the Command, Control, Battle Management & Communications (C2BMC) Program mission objectives. She has more than 30 years of industry experience in the application of software engineering methodologies, the management of information systems, and leadership of software development teams. Ms. Land is an IEEE Fellow and is the author or co-author of a number of texts and publications supporting software engineering principles and the practical application of software process methodologies. Major IEEE roles: IEEE President Elect, IEEE Board of Directors, Technical Activities Vice President, IEEE-USA Board of Directors (2013, 2016), Region 3 Executive Committee, President IEEE Computer Society. She is an IEEE Fellow, IEEE-HKN Member, IEEE Computer Society Richard E. Merwin Award recipient and is a recipient of the IEEE Standards Association Standards Medallion.

The Fantastic Five: 5 Soft Skills That Every Technical Professional Should Have