IEEE R10 Student Membership Development Summit 2021

IEEE R10 Student Membership Development Summit 2021


August 21, 2021 | 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm SGT 

I. Opening Remarks 6:30 pm to 6:35 pm Ms. Warunika Hippola (Student Rep, IEEE R10 SAC) 2 mins 

  -Dr. Jennifer Dela Cruz (IEEE R10 SAC Chair) 3 mins 

II. IEEE Updates and Plans for Student Members 6:35 pm to 7:15 pm a. On a Global Perspective 15 mins Prof. Kukjin Chun (MGA Vice President) 

        b. Asia Pacific Region Current Perspective 15 mins Deepak Mathur (IEEE R10 Director) 

        c. Asia Pacific Region Future Perspective 10 mins Prof. Lance Fung (IEEE R10 Director - Elect) 

III. IEEE Tools/Platforms 7:15 pm to 7:35 pm a. Collabratec (Video Presentation) 5 mins 

       b. IEEE TV by Bibin Parukoor Thomas 5 mins 

       c. IEEExplore by Dr. Dhanu Pattanashetti 5 mins 

       d. IEEExtreme by Adwaith (IEEEXtreme Public Relations Lead) 5 mins 

IV. Networking Session 7:35 pm to 7:55 pm Mr. Sai Prashanth (Webinar Coordinator, IEEE R10 SAC) 20 mins 

V. Sharing Session of Selected Student Section Rep 7:55 pm to 8:10 pm (Malaysia, India, China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia) 15 mins 

VI. Panel Discussion / Q&A 8:10 pm to 8:20 pm Moderator: Ain Hamizan (Webinar Coordinator, IEEE R10 SAC) 10mins 

VII. Awarding of Token to the Speakers 8:20 pm to 8:25 pm 

VIII. Vote of thanks (Appreciation Poster) 8:25 pm to 8:30 pm Prof. Christian Enoval (Webinar Coordinator, IEEE R10 SAC) 5 mins 

Total of 1hr & 45min