Ana Luisa Santos


Ana Luisa works at Udacity as a Business Developer Manager in São Paulo, Brazil. Udacity is a Silicon Valley–based, $1-billion valuation, startup offering open online learning programs on AI, data analytics, mobile and web development, VR, and self-driving car development. The company’s top course development partners are Google, Facebook, GitHub, IBM, and Amazon. Ana Luisa’s purpose is to disseminate hands-on education in technology, helping young people use technology to solve practical problems and also unleashing amazing work opportunities.


She has been an IEEE volunteer since 2002, leading a Student Branch, organizing regional student conferences, serving on several committees such as the New Initiatives Committee, Operations, Entrepreneurship Ad Hoc, and others. She graduated with a Media Technology MS (MIT Media Lab) and Electrical Engineering MSc and Bsc (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ).