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This paper presents a wind storage system composed of permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), Vienna rectifier, battery and three level bidirectional DC-DC. The motivation for this topology is to make the system more reliable, power efficient, cost effective and simple to control. In the control of the wind turbine (WT), proposes a speed loop backstepping control strategy based on Lyapunov stability in the topology of PMSG - VIENNA rectifier. Energy storage system (ESS) adopts three-level bidirectional DC-DC converter based on constant power control. Through the MATLAB/Simulink, it is found that that the backstepping control could quickly track the rotation speed at the maximum power point (MPP) with stable waveform and small fluctuation range, the grid-connected inverter can output stably, and using simulation results validate the performance of proposed topology.

Study on control strategy of wind farm combined with energy storage system Wang Junrui ,Zhou Jingchao ,Wang Libao ,Wang Chuang ,Wu Xinju ,Dai Li

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