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With the advance of the deep aging process of society, the spread of upper limb motor dysfunction has become a serious social problem, and the development of excellent performance of upper limb rehabilitation robot has become a major social demand of the country.This thesis will take the 7- DOF rope driven upper exoskeleton rehabilitation robot as the research object.According to the mechanical structure of the 7- DOF upper exoskeleton prototype, the kinematics and dynamics model were established, the feasible motion space of the upper exoskeleton was obtained, and the relationship between the joint pose and the rope length, and the joint moment and the tension on the rope was calculated. According to the actual needs, the closed-loop position control and force control frame of the motor are built.The upper limb exoskeleton robot is controlled based on the spin method.

Control Strategy of Rope Driven Upper Exoskeleton Robot Based on Screw Method Jianhua Wang Haoyu Wang Weihai Chen Jianbin Zhang Zaojun Fang Guilin Yang

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