Hamish Laird


Hamish Laird is Founder and CTO at ELMG Digital Power where he works in the digital control of power electronics. He is a well-known engineer, teacher and power electronics researcher. ELMG Digital Power provides consulting, training and development solutions for high performance digital control of power electronics using FPGA. www.elmgdigitalpower.com Hamish’s experience includes working on HVDC and SVC power converter controls, designing AC and DC drives, working with telecom power supplies and the massive parallel connection of power electronic converters. His key interest is in power electronics control using digital system and the effects of each on the other. He studied for his Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree at the University of Canterbury and is a Visiting Researcher in Power Electronics at his Alma Mater. Hamish is the author of sixteen academic papers on power converter modelling and power electronics digital control. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hamishlaird