Pratik Desai


Dr. Pratik Desai is a computer scientist and seasoned entrepreneur passionate about leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance agriculture. Before founding KissanAI, Dr. Desai had tenure with multiple startups in Silicon Valley, where he developed his expertise in AI and Semantic Web technologies. His current venture, KissanAI, aims to democratize AI usage in agriculture, focusing on vernacular AI solutions that provide voice-based assistance to overcome literacy and language barriers faced by farmers in developing countries. Dr. Desai led the development of Dhenu, the world's first agriculture-specific Large Language Model. His work, which has been recognized globally, includes a collaboration with the United Nations on a project to create a climate-resilient agriculture assistant. With a strong connection to his family’s agricultural roots, Dr. Desai’s work exemplifies the potent intersection of advanced technology and traditional practices, aiming to make sustainable farming accessible and efficient worldwide.