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#single-phase to three-phase #rural and remote areas #reverse YNd11 transformer

For the lack of a three-phase power supply in some rural and remote regions, this paper presents a hybrid single-phase to three-phase power supply system based on the reverse YNd11 transformer and the phase-shifting converter with an improved control strategy. Firstly, the converter shifts the phase of the single-phase AC voltage by 60 degrees to construct the balance transformation condition of the reverse YNd11 transformer, so that the secondary side of reverse YNd11 can output symmetrical three-phase voltage. Then, this paper introduces the error caused by the non-ideal part of the control loop of the phase-shifting converter actively and reconstructs the phase-shifting converter reference voltage signal, which can be compensated without quantitative control. The output error of the phase-shifting converter is compensated, and the imbalance degree of the output voltage of the system is significantly reduced. The simulation results of the presented system with the improved control method have demonstrated the correctness and effectiveness.

Title: A Hybrid Single-Phase to Three-Phase Power Supply System With Voltage Error Compensation Strategy Author: Xinyi Wang, Cheng Guo, Fulin Zhou, Jinfei Xiong.

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